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Welcome to the development mailing list

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Written on 06/23/2014 at 21:08 GMT by

Welcome to the development mailing list


These welcome messages are for test purposes to both the configuration and custom archiver for Mailman. Please use this thread for your own tests as well.

By the way: This post will generate the first test e-mail on the development mailing list with "devmode" switched off.

Let's hope everything works.

Written on 06/25/2014 at 06:19 GMT by

Re: Welcome to the development mailing list


This is an e-mail reply to the list post. Looks like the message is correctly
attached to the list, topic and has the correct parent post ID.

What's the current state of "MediaProvider"?

- SSDP/UPnP support has been tested with Philips, Samsung and LG
- SQLite and PostgreSQL are supported as database backends
- Basic metadata extraction based on gstreamer are included.

Near term goals are:

- Complete basic user profile management
- Add basic control capabilities to add, edit and delete UPnP scanned local
- Add meta-git-repository "mp" to
- Add more developer information under
- Add installation guide under

After completion the first version will be released.

Best regards and stay entertained
Tobias "NotTheEvilOne" Wolf