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This page is a list of various ideas with relevant resources for later discussion or inclusion.

HTML5 app

Should only use CSS to manipulate on-screen presentation. Older TV sets may become unusable otherwise. Google+ post

We can use WebKitGtk+ for a hybrid application on PCs. This could also be a solution for a standalone distribution based on Wayland. (This maybe the distant future or could happen never ;)) Some preliminary source code has been developed based on "pas_gapi_core".


DIAL—for DIscovery And Launch—is a simple protocol that 2nd screen devices can use to discover and launch apps on 1st screen devices.

This protocol is mainly used for TV sets and dongles. It should be used with smartphones to push content to the bigger screen.

DIAL website

Chromecast / MiracleCast

Google Chromecast, this little browser based device, is DIAL on steroids. There are some applications out there implementing mostly the DIAL/UPnP part.

Another interesting solution to watch is MiracleCast offering Miracast for Linux. In connection with the WebKitGTK+ based client on a server machine we could use this protocol for streaming. Taking the "second screen" approach we could use it for mobile devices controlling TV sets too.


Tribler (P2P streaming platform) / MediaGoblin / Tahoe-LAFS

How about a P2P based platform for "Let's play x" or your favorite Creative Commons licensed movie? This one could be a little bit problematic as P2P is used for illegal activities too. On the other hand it would be great to have something beside Youtube you can watch streams legally.

We have currently no public API to deliver or transcode Youtube video streams. A P2P based solution instead allows us to receive the file for later use. Maybe we can get hold of some other projects like BitTorrent Sync too?

Two other projects seem to be related and relevant:

MediaGoblin want to replace Youtube (and other centralized, known platforms). They provide access to the raw media files and maybe even already processed metadata.

Tahoe-LAFS is a decentralized storage system. Maybe we can hold of some developers of these projects to combine the power for web based (MediaGoblin) and local (MediaProvider) clients for decentralized solutions (Tribler/Tahoe-LAFS).

BitTorrent Sync


Another interesting approach to access the TV signal is SAT>IP. As it's specification is available and based on UPnP/DLNA we should be able to support it as well. This could be server and client support for PVR and streaming.


Taking modern devices into account we can additionally run a service based on the MediaProvider platform to enable cloud users to have a MediaProvider SmartTV app without any local environment at all.

Lets have a list of possible implementations / underlying features:


Google Drive


Scalable Video Transcoding With App Engine Flexible


As app hosting and support needs to be done by "someone" as the cloud based setup is more for a "ready-to-use customer" two types of products must be taken into consideration:
  • A moderate fee for DIY customers running free / paid services with Google for storage and transcoding with ready-to-deploy code and providing access to the MediaProvider app. Work flow would be that the user sets up a bucket for their data, uses Google's free developer environment/paid cloud services and pulls the app code from GIT.
  • A pay-as-you-go kind of pricing including at least transcoding automatically without any user interaction. This would cost more but provides a ready-to-be-used product.

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