Code style guidelines

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Most of the code guidelines are the same as PEP 8.

One significant difference is the use of "#" for opening and closing brackets as used by other languages.

This should help to improve readability of conditional code sections.

One feature and class per module

One module should not contain more than one class at any time. Usually it should only contain one class and one to three wrapper functions if required.

Reasoning: With the above rule applied you exactly know where to find a specific class. There is one module of the same name holding it. You no longer need to search for or use an IDE to find the class of an instance defined in a module with a common name for multiple related classes.


For enforcing the most important code guidelines and to check for errors we have added "pylint.ini" to each "core" repository. For pylint 1.1.0 we recommend python2.7.

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