Development overview

GitHub is used for the public respositories. Feel free to fork individual or all repositories.

Each repository represents one module that can be used on its own. It may has dependencies like "pas_core". Combining several modules result in distributions like used for this web site or for the MediaProvider software.

Module structure

You may ask why there are so many modules. Wouldn't it be easier to have one repository and different build targets?

The answer is definitely "maybe".

The reason for the modules is reusability. We use the same modules for HTTP UPnP as we use for this website. Of course we do not need "pas_http_discuss" for the mailing list used here for MediaProvider.

For that reason we have a deployment process using "" from "". We might add a hot deployment based on inotify later on as well.

Please have a look at the meta repository at GitHub.

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